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James Hull

Dr James Hull PhD FRCP is a Consultant Respiratory Physician at the Royal Brompton Hospital and Institute of Sport, Exercise and Health (ISEH), UCL, London.

Specialises in asthma, cough, unexplained breathlessness and exercise physiology. He has a keen clinical and academic interest in EILO and is looking forward to racing Prof. Halvorsen up Mt. Ulriken again.

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Paul Leong

Dr Paul Leong MBBS MPHTM CCPU FRACP PhD is a Respiratory/Sleep Physician at Monash Health in Melbourne, Australia, a senior lecturer at Monash University and a Fellow in the NHMRC Centre for Research Excellence in Asthma Treatable Traits.

He has worked in metropolitan, rural and remote communities in Australia as well as in Thailand and Lesotho. His research interests include dyspnoea and the application of dynamic computed tomography to understand airways diseases and comorbidities.


John Dickinson

Professor John Dickinson is recognised as an established international expert for applied research in athlete respiratory care and performance. He is currently based at the University of Kent and is the head of the University of Kent Exercise Respiratory Clinic, which delivers research projects and consultancy to support the diagnosis and management of asthma related conditions in athletes.

He has specific expertise in supporting athletes overcome exertional breathlessness and exercise induced laryngeal obstruction using a combination of breathing pattern training, postural awareness, inspiratory muscle training and anxiety management.

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George Ntoumenopoulos

Dr George Ntoumenopoulos is currently Consultant Physiotherapist in Intensive Care at St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney Australia. George has over 70 research publications in peer-reviewed journals.

George runs ASUM accredited training courses in diagnostic lung ultrasound for acute respiratory physiotherapists in intensive care.  Main areas of research include the investigation impact of lung ultrasound on clinical decision making in intensive care and validation of laryngeal ultrasound against nasoendoscopy.  


Henrik Johansson

Henrik Johansson, PhD, Associate professor is a respiratory physiotherapist and research fellow at the Uppsala University Hospital and a senior lecturer at Uppsala University.

His research focus on exercise-induced breathing complaints with special interest in EIB and EILO.


Robert Maat

Robert Maat, MD/PhD, is a consultant otorhinolaryngologist at the Saxenburgh Medical Centre in Hardenberg, the Netherlands. He did his training at the department of otorhinolaryngology of Haukeland Univeristy Hospital in Bergen, Norway in 2001-2006.

He enrolled the EILO project in Bergen in 2004 and became a fellow-researcher in the team. He moved back to the Netherlands in 2008 and defended his thesis on EILO (EILO Diagnostic Procedures and therapy) in 2011. He sees EILO patients on a regularly base and collaborates with the pediatric pulmonary department in the Medical Spectrum Twente in Enschede, the Netherlands.


John-Helge Heimdal

Professor John-Helge Heimdal, MD/PhD, is the Managing Director of the Department of Surgery at Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen, Norway. He is trained in Oto-rhino-laryngology and head and neck surgery with more than twenty years of experience in laryngology.

Together with colleagues, John-Helge designed the Continuous Laryngoscopy Exercise (CLE)-test at Haukeland University Hospital in 2002. He has performed exercise tests with focus on laryngeal function at stress for more than fifteen years and has been leader of the ELS Committee on EILO since 2012 ( 

He has published more than fifty original scientific papers in addition book chapters and reviews. He has contributed with numerous scientific presentations at international and national conferences.


Tod Olin

Associated Professor Tod Olin, is a pediatric pulmonologist and director of the Exercise and Performance Breathing Center at National Jewish Health in Denver, Colorado, USA. He is specifically interested in helping children and adults exercise safely and comfortably across the spectra of health and performance.

He has invented two novel therapies for exercise-induced laryngeal obstruction, a condition for which Dr. Olin is considered a field leader. Dr. Olin also values working with sporting bodies to inspire and promote population health, serving as a respiratory consultant for USA Swimming.


Camilla Slot Mehlum

Camilla Slot Mehlum MD/PhD is a consultant oto-rhino-laryngologist at the Department of ORL-Head & Neck Surgery, Odense University Hospital in Denmark.

She has more than ten years of experience in diagnostics and treatment in the field of laryngology, including diagnosis and surgical treatment of EILO. Based on the experience from Bergen, she introduced the CLE test in her department more than 10 years ago and she still sees EILO patients regularly.

She is chairman of the Danish Laryngological Society and part of the European Laryngological Society Committee on EILO.


Emil Walsted

Dr Emil Walsted PhD is a respiratory registrar at Bispebjerg Hospital in Copenhagen, Denmark. His research interests focus on EILO and include unexplained exertional breathlessness, cough and the overlap between asthma and laryngeal obstruction.

Dr Walsted aspires to progress diagnostic methods and treatment by advancing the understanding of pathophysiology in laryngeal dysfunction. Making use of on his previous background in computer science, he enthusiastically employs new technology and advanced computational methods in this endeavour.

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Tiina Andersen

Dr Tiina Andersen is a Specialist in Respiratory Physiotherapy, PhD. She is working as physiotherapist and postdoctoral researcher at Norwegian Advisory Unit for Home Mechanical Ventilation, Thoracic Department, Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen, Norway, and as Associate Professor at the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Bergen, Norway.

Andersen has more than 10 years of experience using Transnasal Fiberoptic Laryngoscopy (TFL) during mechanically assisted cough and ventilation.  Her research has demonstrated that non-invasive respiratory therapies can provoke adverse laryngeal responses in patients with motor neuron disorders like Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), and that therapy can be improved by modifications.